Rich City | Poor Man

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At the heart, there are two questions…

Why are people homeless? And how can we fix it?

Carrying nothing but a notepad and his cameras over the course of a year, Daniel Dart headed out to ground zero of the homeless epidemic, Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles. During his many journeys, he met, photographed, interviewed, and held conversations with people who’ve lost loved ones, who’ve lost jobs, who have addiction problems, and who have mental health issues.

Rich City | Poor Man is the story of los angeles, and the many invisible people within it.

His findings, photographs, recordings, filming, and thoughts will be compiled into a three day immersive exhibit, where he will bring together a community of thinkers, artists, storytellers, change-makers and civic leaders to discuss and explore the exhibit, as well as new ideas to tackle homelessness in Los Angeles and across America.

In collaboration with Skid Row Housing Trust and GOOD | Upworthy, Daniel Dart & DEC Projects presents a three-day photojournalism exhibit at the ACE Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The photos reveal the stories of the homeless in Skid Row through the lens of photographer and agent provocateur Daniel Dart, provoking a conversation on tackling the problem with panels, speakers and a talk with the artist himself.

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