We keep good company

Who you hang around with says a lot about you.


That’s why we only keep good company.


1. With organizations we admire.


Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

— Alexander Hamilton


2. With people we believe in.


We combine purpose with power, then use it to fuel your success.


3. To create a better tomorrow.


Working towards funding entrepreneurs in the world’s most vulnerable economies.


Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of developed and developing nations. Yet those in emerging markets face barriers such as access to financing, advisory services and regulation.

Through our unique on the ground understanding of emerging markets, particularly in conflict zones and fourth world economies, we aim to connect capital to individuals and their ideas in an effort to facilitate socio-economic growth.

We go where others won’t. DEC Ventures aims to be the foremost frontier market impact fund in the world and is currently developing the Imagine Markets Impact Fund I.


We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is.