Dart Entertainment & Creative (DEC) Projects is a new kind of company. We are an impact-driven force of nature comprised of a collection of do-ers tackling the globe’s challenges to facilitate social, cultural, and economic development by leveraging the power of creative & entertainment industries.

DEC engages in projects across a wide range of sectors with an understanding that there is a better way of communicating with the world. By pulling on the different levers of society, we endeavor to establish an enabling environment that yields measurable results for our partners.

We develop local media content infrastructure in the Middle East.

We support entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets.

We produce humanitarian media campaigns in North Africa.

We manage artists and storytellers who embody positive creation in the United States.

We consult, educate, and collaborate with government, business, and civil society in Asia to develop and communicate policy.

We do whatever it takes to push game-changing impact at scale, with innovative, gritty, and solutions-driven approaches.

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DEC Projects has a strategic alliance with kglobal.