The Future Changemakers (FC) is a series of gatherings for young professionals engaged across diverse sectors that impact global affairs and goals for sustainable development.

Changemaker (n) - One who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen.

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Future Changemakers MENA Edition @ Eaton Workshop

Our inaugural gathering covered the two of the most salient topics in US-MENA foreign affairs: Palestine & Saudi Arabia. We brought together multiple voices in the international affairs community to discuss not only what is happening today in the Middle East, but also what they expect to happen tomorrow, and who is in place to influence it.

The salon included a networking period & two interactive panel discussions.

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MENA EDITION Panel Topics:

The Future of Palestine

Progress on the Palestinian question has oscillated between different US administrations for decades. Under the backdrop of an impending “Deal of the Century” and vocal freshmen Congresswomen, the speakers will explore how the young Changemakers among us are playing a role in advancing solutions to the problem beyond traditional channels, in line with the international sustainable development movement.

Youth Movements in KSA & Beyond

A regional partner for decades, the Kingdom has come to the forefront as it undergoes a historic transformation. With a large youth population, the success of this transition – while top down – may ultimately rest on the agency of the youth. Speakers will explore how they’re leveraging creativity, media, culture, innovation, and education to take action that can foster movements which contribute to sustainable development and prosperity.

Future Changemakers: Origin Story


This isn’t your parent’s foreign policy summit. The Future Changemakers is a quarterly salon style gathering of young professionals engaged in a diverse set of industries within the sphere of US foreign affairs.

Attendees and speakers are comprised of young changemakers and hustlers making a tangible impact on the ground. Each year will cover a different region, with Middle East & North Africa in 2019 and Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020.


We grew tired of attending stale talks by veteran scholars pontificating from a dais, whose impact is usually confined to academia and policy papers, at stuffy think tanks.

Input from young attendees is often ignored (yes, we put our hands up but seem to never meet the arbitrary age or image threshold to be taken seriously), despite our potential to inject fresh perspective and share relevant experiences.

So, we had enough with the conventional trappings of foreign affairs. Our panels will be interactive & include extensive Q&A with attendees. It’s our turn.


The Salons will elevate the voices of young professionals in foreign affairs, foster cooperation within the community and enhance the pipeline of talent to an expanding pool of industries in which impact in this space can be made, beyond traditional career paths of foreign service or academia.

For the documentary filmmaker on her own in the Western Sahara is having more of an immediate impact on US foreign affairs than the resident scholar from (insert think tank here). Because actionable, results-oriented approaches by a wide range of stakeholders should be championed. Not talking heads.

We are bringing together a wide range of young professionals from university to nascent careers in:

  • diplomacy

  • media

  • entertainment

  • journalism

  • NGOs

  • entrepreneurs

  • development

  • technology

  • finance

  • private sector

  • int’l orgs

  • military

  • think tanks

  • intelligence

WE will create the change the world needs.