30 Days of LatinX


Imagine a world where all voices matter…

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, social impact entrepreneur Daniel Dart and his company, DEC Projects, have teamed up with author and Immigrant Rights activist Julissa Arce and musician Salvador Santana to bring 30 Days of LatinX, a video campaign that highlights the full American story of the LatinX, one that includes the history and contributions of Latinos in every phase of history and in every area of American society. The campaign will consist of 30 videos, one of which will be released every day during the entire month, reaching millions of young people around the world.

 At a time when Latinos & immigrants have become major targets of discrimination and racism, it is critical that we celebrate not only our culture and heritage, but also our rich history in America. Many Americans believe that Latinos are newcomers to America, but the fact is that Latinos have a rich history that extends further back than even the founding of this great nation. Is this a quote?

 “My hope is that our community will be empowered by the knowledge that lies in our robust history in America. Next time someone tells us to go back to where we came from, we can remind them that Latinos have always been here and we will continue to be a key factor for American prosperity,” said Julissa Arce of her involvement with the project.

 “In a time when you have such a fragmented society and a president that openly advocates for a white nationalist agenda, just saying you’re against it is no longer enough. That’s why this campaign is important, because it celebrates the contributions and achievements of nonwhite people. America is not a white nation, it is a nation of all people, that succeeds because of its diversity, not in spite of it,” said DEC Projects founder and campaign co-creator Daniel Dart, on why 30 Days of LatinX is needed so badly right now.

Throughout the month of 30 Days of LatinX, the campaign host’s pop-up events with food, drinks, and conversation to celebrate the campaign and Hispanic Heritage, History and Impact.